Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A house keepers opinion

Ok so as most of you know i am a housekeeper... which means i CLEAN ALL THE TIME!! well i was asked by a friend what i think of a certain cleaner because she would respect my opinion because i clean all the time. well i decided that i would do a review on a couple new cleaners that are out on the market that i know alot of people were wondering if they work as well as the tv says.

First the Woolite Rug Stick with the heavy trafic foam.
I found this product to be ok... first the product does work quiet well on my carpet( apartment carpet)! it gets up stains fairly well some did not come up the first try! the product is very difficult to use at first it took me 20 mins to figure out how it actually works because there is no great instructions and does not go on as smoothly as it shows on tv. Also if you decided to buy this product please buy an extra foam can because it only comes with a small travel sized one which only did my living room once! over all i give 3 out of 5 stars i would use this product again so i dont have to shampoo my carpets as much!

Second- Kaboom Foamtastic cleaner
Im sure you have seen the commercial where they spray the cleaner and its blue it turns white when its "clean" well i clean often with bleach so i did half of my tub with bleach and half with the Kaboom Foamtastic and i have found that it does not work quiet as well. It does get it clean but not as clean as bleach does which made me unhappy because its much easier to use. It worked well on my sink but when it comes to my tub i want that shit disinfected i get clean in there. Over all i give the product 2 out of 5 stars and once the can i got is gone i will not use it again. :[

Third- Green works natural cleaners by Clorox
This shit is AWESOME!! i use the wipes in my kitchen, living room and bathroom for quick cleanups! I love everything that i have tried so far and give it 5 out of 5 stars!!!

Finally- Scotch-Brite toilet scrubbers
i tried these because i hate using the toilet scrubbers that sit in the bowl growing germs!!! these things do not work as well as the Clorox ones but they are cheaper! they clean well and fit under the rum of your toilet very easily. The only i do not like is it does not get ride of hard water stains like the Clorox ones do!!! I give these a 3 1/2 out of 5 stars and i will use these because im not rich so i will not pay extra for the Clorox!

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